Thursday, March 27, 2014

BSBP 8 Swap

My partner for Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party this year is the talented Miss CJ Bauschka.  I recognized CJ from past hops but she has been busy so I haven't seen her around in a while.  CJ is very sweet and I'm glad she's back!

Here are some pictures of our BSBP swap...

What CJ sent to me
CJ sent me an Antique Bronze Multi Strand Focal piece and a stamped metal charm.  The clasp is a cool swivel style also in the dark broze color which I really like.  To round it off she added some teal (my favorite color) button pearls, bronze firepolished czech beads and Golden Shadow Swarovski bicones.  The ideas are just swirling in my head!

What I sent to CJ
I was a little late in sending my soup to CJ.  I really wanted to send her some of my new polymer clay art beads but I had many trials and errors before I decided on these.  I picked a lampwork focal that Marcia Seever from ShaZazz Creations in Glass made, isn't is gorgeous?  The clasp is a copper toggle handmade by Cheryl Foiles Designs (I got one for me too!).  I added some chain and czech beads and, of course, a few Swaros for bling.  I can't wait to see what CJ makes with this soup!

The reveal date is May 3rd so stop back by to see what we make!

Monday, January 13, 2014

New Directions

Happy New Year!

I love BEADS!!  Yep, I said it.  I especially love art beads.  Since I got a little money for Christmas I decided to try making some.  A few months ago I bought some air dry clay to play with and I really loved the feel of clay in my hands and what I was able to make.  

I decided to try Polymer Clay since it can be baked to become a solid, hard bead or pendant that can be used in jewelry design.  So far I really love it.

Some finished pieces...

And some unfinished...

I like to just jump in and try things out when I get new "toys" and the pictures above are just me playing with stamps, paint and textures.  

Now I am learning about mixing colors and trying some basic techniques to get a good foundation in this medium. I also bought some mold maker to design some of my own impressions...I promise to share when I get to that part.

What new mediums or techniques are you trying this year?


Friday, November 15, 2013

Beads of Courage 2013 Art Charm Swap and Auction

Back in September I decided to take part in Jennifer Cameron's Beads of Courage Art Charm Exchange and Auction.  The rules were I had to make 11 charms that were about 1" in size.  
Kristi Bowman

The charms must be made by hand and sent to Jen by a specified date. This years theme is Love.  
Julie Bowen

Once Jen got everyone's charms, 40 artists participating, she had the task of sending each of us back one of our own charms and 9 more from other artists.  

Susan Delphine Delaney

The pictures scattered throughout this post are the charms I received.  
Shai Williams

The 11th charm is being auctioned off to benefit Beads of Courage and it starts TODAY!  Meet me at the AUCTION (click the word auction to go there) and bid your heart out!!

Carolyn Chenault

If you have never heard of Beads of Courage it is a wonderful program used in hospitals and treatment facilities for children and families coping with serious illness. 

Cheryl (Lee) Coopman
Through the program children receive beads starting with one for each letter of their name and adding beads for each milestone they achieve.  The Beads of Courage program has shown to reduce stress and help children understand their illness by giving them something tangible to help tell their story.
Andrea Glick

With their colorful strands of beads, some so long they are wrapped several times around, children are able to talk about their illness and be proud of their accomplishments

Artists from all over the world create and donate their beautiful bead creations to be used for the "Act of Courage Beads" given to acknowledge the milestones in a child's treatment journey.  

Toltec Jewels, Marlene Cupo and Olla Podria

This year alone they expected to give out 100,000 of these artisan beads.

my charm front side
Since the theme for this year is Love I decided to form wire into a heart and hammer it to strengthen and flatten a bit.  I found some pretty scrapbook paper which I sealed and attached the the back of the wire heart.  
My charm back side
I then poured resin into the center of the wire.  I finished my heart off with a little blingy dangle and the word "home" on the back since that is where I always feel the most Love.

Thanks for stopping by and learning about this fun exchange and incredibly worthy cause.  

Let's go see the rest of the charms in the blog hop and don't forget to bid at the auction. 
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